Research output

Lovato et al. (2018) Code Verification exercise for 2D Poiseuille flow with non-Newtonian fluid

In this study, a code verification exercise was performed on the implementation of the Herschel-Bulkley model, which was adopted as non-Newtonian model to simulate the dynamics of fluid mud.

Turnover of Organic Matter in Ports and Waterways: Project BIOMUD

Project BIOMUD in a nutshell

Kirichek (2018) How navigable are fluid mud layers?

The paper provides the state of the art on Navigation in ports and waterways with fluid mud layers

Kirichek (2018) Sediment management in the Port of Rotterdam

Current practice of sediment management in the Port of Rotterdam


The poster gives an overview of the MUDNET project in a nutshell.

Gasbildung durch Baggergut – Einfluss der abiotischen Sedimenteigenschaften

Gebert et al. (2019) Gas production from dredged sediment